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Player: Nina

Character Haifa Nabulsi

Second generation Palestinian female living in Bayswater, London, aged 30, single. Highly educated, paid for by her father’s successful UK medical career. Cambridge graduate and postgraduate. History doctorate, specialising in Islamic history.

Was offered a high profile history fellowship at at Oxford but turned it down to remain close to her brothers and mother in London, following her father’s death. She now works instead as deputy director of research at the Islamic Centre London. Attends and speaks at various events throughout the UK and occasionally internationally. Collects rare Middle Eastern historical texts and first editions. Lives alone, with a cat, but makes friends easily based on shared intellectual and historical interests.

Not overtly political despite her background. Rather an extremely bright but studious personality. Has a calmness and confidence built on religious belief and an excellent education. Has come across Joseph in his recent visits to the Centre to further his research in understanding the Islamic culture.

Has recently started to invite him to attend various UK events to hear her speak and meet others that can help him in his work to understand thus prevent fundementalism, hence why they may be travelling together on the motorway.

Player: Alastair

Character Joseph (Joe) Boyes

British citizen, lives alone in Whitechapel, London, aged 48, single. Spent ten years in the Army Intelligence Corps, most in N Ireland as an NCO during the 1980s – did a lot of (often unpleasant) undercover work. Passed over for promotion a couple of times because of depressive nature, gave up applying.

Bought himself out of the Army in the early nineties and moved to work for the Home Office to work in their terrorism unit where he has expanded his expertise recently into Islamic fundamentalism.

An expert in theory of terrorism – though his practice (of anti-terrorism) is rusty. Has a police firearms licence.

Met Haifa while researching Islamic culture – in which he has become interested through his work. Generally a loner however who spends a lot of time making up for a poor education (joined army at 16). Small circle of friends – mostly connected with his involvement in a local historical society. Pays little attention to his appearance.

Player Nick Character Agent Gene

Your real name is Michael Elder. You served 12 years in the US navy, eventually working on national security strategy. You left the navy in 2004 and transferred to the federal nuclear energy agency, working on national security issues.

In December 2006 you were contacted by a group of men who identified themselves as FBI agents who said they were investigating a plot to infiltrate a nuclear power station in California. Over the course of the next five weeks you worked with the men, helping to analyse information and data that they had gathered and pointed to a group of scientists working within the plant who had apparently been recruited to being about a catastrophic accident.

Using your contacts you were able to infiltrate the FBI agents into the plant and crashed some kind of religious ceremony taking place. Readings from monitors suggested that some kind of truly enormous energy force was forming in one of the reactors. During a firefight, the four ‘terrorist scientists’ were killed. However you also saw one of the agents apparently implode when one of the scientists “directed” a chant at him.

In the aftermath, you were taken to a safe house and asked/told to sign a confidentiality contract. Although you had begun to doubt whether the men were really FBI agents, over the next six months you helped them track down the group behind the plot. You uncovered evidence that the plot originated in the UK and was possibly linked to a company called Cormed which had recently bought up a decommissioned nuclear plant.

A man you never met before but calling himself Adam asked you if you would be willing to be part of a group travelling in secret to the UK to determine whether there was continuing danger of nuclear disaster.

You were part of a four man team – your codename was Gene – you colleagues were codenamed Glen, Gerald and Gordon. They appeared to be experienced undercover operatives – you were obviously brought along for your specialist knowledge. Your mission was to make contact with a group working with the UK intelligence community who specialised in occult or paranormal activity. Your conversations with G Cell made you realise that there were dark and unexplainable forces at work in the world

In October your cell entered the UK on false passports. Over the course of a couple of months you quietly investigated Cormed, run by a local millionaire Richard Corvan based in the town of Brichester – the power station is near Berkeley. He inherited the company from his grandfather. You attended a conference organised by Corvan at the Savoy on nuclear decommissioning that attracted speakers from the US and the former Soviet Union. It appeared to be a subtle recruitment push.

The group also made contact with a retired intelligence high-ranker called Major Thomas Balfour, connected to an organisation called Pisces. Gene gathered that the cell was cautious of a direct contact with the UK group and hoped that Balfour would provide introductions. Gene met Balfour at his house on the Norfolk Broads in November but was not present at a more detailed discussion a week later (indeed you were generally kept out of important discussions within the cell).

At the beginning of December the cell begin to stake out the Cormed facility. Gordon successfully infiltrates a student protest group and meets a man you now know is Kenny Robson. Robson tells them at various times that he is working for British intelligence, that he is part of an underground anti-corporate movement and that there is a plot to create a nuclear explosion in the UK “and the explosion is not even the main problem, it’s just the beginning.”

Gene is sent to do research at Brichester University on a possible link between Cormed and a company called Severn Aerospace. Suddenly on 15th December the cell announce they are pulling out, their security has been compromised. Cell leader Gerald says their papers are useless and their best chance of success is to find sanctuary in the US embassy in London.

En route to London, they are ambushed but manage to escape, with a gunshot wound to Gerald. Arriving at the embassy, they are ambushed again, this time with much higher firepower. At last eight separate attackers, some wearing army uniform, peppered the car with bullets and although fire was returned all your colleagues were killed. You managed to escape in the chaos and have been on the run since.

That day you took out £1000 from a cell-controlled bank account and a bag of equipment from what the cell called a ‘green box’ (in this case a self storage unit in London). Since then you haven’t dared touch any of the official cell’s network of accounts or facilities in case you are being watched.

You contacted Balfour again a few days later and he warned you that there may be some kind of power struggle within Pisces and although they certainly weren’t behind the Cormed plot, individuals may have different agendas. The Major also told you that Pisces had worked over a number of years to frustrate the activities of something called the New Frontiers Institute, connected to some network or organisation called “the Crawling Chaos”. He said he was worried that NFI members had infiltratred Pisces and named a an called Richard Hyder as a possible middleman.

Balfour also told you that your colleagues were members of something called Delta Green, an alliance of individuals working within but unknown to the federal government. He said that Pisces and Delta Green had once worked together but that the last joint operation was on 5 January 1946 in Antarctica when renegade SS troops attempted to capture what Balfour called “the most secret facility of them all”. Balfour hinted that this facility was still operational

Balfour warned him not to visit him as he believed he was being watched – however he suggested that Toby Knight, an ex soldier and policeman and Pisces associate could probably be trusted if you found a way to contact him directly.

You attempted to get back in touch with Robson but he had disappeared – the next time you heard of him was when news of his death was on the TV. In the meantime you were a wanted man, listed as being an Irish terrorist.

Your only other option was to contact a journalist called Frank Carcincola who the cell seemed to have had some dealings with. On 11 January you arranged a meeting with him and told him that a renegade group of British intelligence operatives was behind the Grosvenor Square massacre and that the same group was involved in the so-called Chiropractor killings in High Wycombe. You didn’t think he could help you but he might be able to flush Knight out.

As it was you managed to track down Knight while he met with a couple you now know as Joe and Haifa. You tracked these two to High Wycombe and made contact. You later met Joe in London and narrowly escaped capture by unidentified men.

A month later, having spent most of the time holed up in a B&B, you read about a series of killings in Brichester. The details tallied with a case that your colleagues in G Cell told you about in Las Vegas and you guessed that Pisces might involve itself. Research suggested that an ex policeman called Ramsey might be involved and staking out his flat, you encountered Joe and Haifa again.

You are surprised you lasted this long. You don’t know who the hell you are, really, but Christ knows how long you can keep afloat – and someone needs to keep going on this. They tried to kill millions of people.

You do not know who you work for. You do suspect it is not part of any official government programme. You do know that no-one is coming to help you. You know the mission is not over. You know the mission is never over.

Player Damon Character Solomon

It is March 2008

You joined the army after university as a chaplain and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Your final posting was on a base in Helmand province in December 2006. You had been there about three months when you ran into a man you had known a couple of years earlier. You met him on a leadership development course and you got on very well, although you have not seen him since. He now appeared to part of a recon unit attached to the base, but apparently separate from the routine operation. You suspected him to be SAS.

One day you were summoned to the base commander and told you would be accompanying a small group who would be conducting some negotiations with a local chieftan. It was not thought to be especially dangerous although it would involve a 12 hour drive into a particularly remote area – not thought to be frequented by the Taliban. The base commander explained that your smattering of Uzbek was the reason for your presence.

The same day you set out – you were not surprised to see your friend Kenny in the truck. He introduced you to a man called Toby – there were three other men in the vehicle.

In the late evening you eventually reached the village (Kenny and a colleague exited the vehicle a couple of hundred yards out to recon). Almost immediately it was clear things were very wrong. You were met by some villagers and an old man who claimed to the chieftan – you guessed from Toby ‘s reaction that he was suspicious this was not the man he was supposed to be meeting. The man had some Pashto and Toby indicated to keep your knowledge of Uzbek quiet. Some conversation took place but soon night fell and it was decided to stay the night.

At some point you awoke to find the hut empty. Suddenly there was shouting and the door crashed in and you were seized. Toby and another man were already captured. A fire had been set and there were more Afghans, mostly armed. One of them searched your kit and found your Bible – a source of much amusement.

To your horror a woman was brought into the group. She appeared to be drugged. The men started to shout some kind of song or prayer and pulling out large knives, started to slash at their own faces and torsos, smearing the blood on the woman. The rest you cant remember – you have some memory of gunfire and being pulled to your feet. You could feel blood on your face and in your hair. You could hear a great rushing wind, like all the air being sucked out of the window. Your mind teeters on the edge of some unknowable abyss. Your bible lays in the mud at your feet.

The next thing you remember is being in a field hospital, raving and strapped down, cursing God and his bastard son’s lies. A few weeks later you were back in Britain, still out of your mind. You tried to kill yourself.

After a couple of months you were suddenly transferred to asecure mental health facility near Brichester. Toby came to see you. He said Kenny had saved their lives. He asked you what you remembered – he told you not to talk to anyone else. He introduced you to a man called Mr Cotton who asked you the same questions again. And they came back many times. Once you filled in a long strange questionnaire for them. They said you were getting better

A few weeks ago you were woken up by a woman screaming. You went to the room next door and saw a young Asian woman frantically cutting off her hair, it falling into a sink in clumps. You calm her down and over the next couple of days you talk a lot. You tell her about Afghnistan. She tells you that she saw something in a cave near a town called Severnford – something terrible that sounds very similar. “It got into my mind and I can’t get it out again.”

A few days later Haifa was gone. A couple of days after that Toby told you to get your stuff, he was discharging you. The same day he drove you to a house at the end of a long dirt track, outside Brichester. You’ve been there for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes Toby is there – he stays up late, drinking alone.

An hour ago Toby arrived unannounced and told you some visitors were coming. “Stay upstairs”. A few minutes ago, a car drove up with two men and a woman. You are surprised to see them take a man in radiation suit out of the boot. Then you notice they all wearing rad suits…

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