timeline for players

1934 Moore-Starkweather expedition ends in disaster

1935 Starkweather Foundation formed in US

1940 pisces formed under David Cornwall

1941 Foundation realises existence of the Black Stones but the owner is killed in the war and the stones lost

1942 First Nazi expedition

1945 Barsmeier captured and interrogated – second nazi expedition moves on City itself

5 January 1946 Delta Green and Pisces operation defeats Karotechnia in Antartica – galt escapes

1955 Cornwall retires

1960 Joe born

1960 Wilbur Bromley born

1961 Cornwall shoots himself

1965 NFI set up as mind expansion experimental group – not knowingly Black Man but unwittingly getting close to him

1968 Goatswood raid

1969 Balfour retires

1970 Starter acquires Black Stone and becomes convinced that there is mind expansion technology buried in Antartica.

1970 Starter steals diary of nazi scientist from Starkweather Foundation (also at Cambridge) which gives him more details about location – he needs a partner

1972 NFI starts working with pisces

1974 NFI provide research for British Army expedition to Antartica – it is intended as a pisces expedition to recover nazi technology – it is destroyed but evidence is gathered about a possible secret HQ

1975 Valentine Krogan buys NFI

1976 Valentine Krogan dies

1976 Joe joins army

1978 – Haifa is born

1985 joe works in Northern Ireland

1989 Joe meets toby knight

1989 Templeship attempts to port out earth and displaces itself into Stanton Magna – earthquake attracts locals

1990 Wilbur Bromley sets up American Books

1992 Joe leaves the army

1992 James Corder joins Pisces

1993 Shan infests Michael Devere, director of Pisces

1995 Devere kills himself. Uninfested Conor May takes over.

November 1995 Wilbur Bromley reads RoG and becomes avatar of Y-Golanac

1996 Shan infests Conor May, direrctor of Pisces and James Corder

Feb 96 first killing by Wilbur Bromley

August 97 American Books raid in Brichester involving Codrington, Winslade, Ramsey and others – Wilbur taken to Magonia

1997 Lee Coleman is infested, trepans himself and forms the Army of the third Eye

November 1997 Robert Belial takes over NFI and re-establishes it

98 Wade Colyn unsuccessfuly trepanned

1998 Julia Charnwood unsuccessfully trepanned

July 98 toby knight first operation for Pisces

October 98 Reinhart Heydrich reanimated by Karotechnia

1999 Goatswood area outsourced and set up as Servern Aerospace manufacturing plant

2000 Karyn Carter trepanned

2001 Grayson and Roland trepanned

2002 Francine Parker killed by ATE

Sept 2000 Pisces operation in Congo results in several deaths but destruction of Cult of the Bloody Tongue – present Mr Cotton, Toby Knight, Cuthbertson, Kenny Robson, Kevin Drum – they parachuted in after they plane was attacked. They recover a statute

February 2001 Conor May, operational head of pisces goes insane while working on the statue and is moved to Magonia (as is the statue)

March 2001 Codrington is infested and becomes Mr Cotton

August 2001 Mrs Sally Codrington murdered

2002 Reinhart Heydrich starts working on consultancy with NFI

2003 Wilbur reaches out to Ramsey

2004 Shan attempt infiltration of Californa nuclear plant

Feb 04` Webb and Macdougall sentenced for drug offences

2004 Michael Forbes, shan-infested leader of Pisces goes mad and is moved to Magonia

2004 Rittingham infested and becomes leader of Severn Aeropsace and Pisces – shan learn about construct – they started gathering evidence on S-M expedition and the

2005 Raid on ATE HQ results in death of leadership and capture of Lee Coleman –

2005 Wilbur reaches out to Dr Bobbitt and he sets up Transformation

2006 toby knight begins his dream journals and first meets the Harlot. She tells him about Wilbur and the Construct but he doesn’t know their real meaing

june 06 webb and macdougall released from prison

October 06 Bobbitt finds Ramsey

Jan 07 Shan plot in califonia nuclear plant is foiled

Feb 07 Richard Corman infested

Feb 07 Kenny Robson is infested and sent to infiltrate the Army of the Third Eye

March 07 John Smith infested by Shan

April 07 Cormed does deal with Karotechnia front group – Path One who front raw materials and formula in exchange for use of facilties (Shan don’t care about the product but need the help)

June 07 Meakins begins therapy

June 07 Kenny Robson is trepanned and switches

July 07 Corman organises Savoy Congress

August 07 Sophie Meakins killed and buried

August 07 Cuthbertson secretly makes contact with Hyder (he learns about NFI from Kenny) to set up alliance against Pisces. Hyder convinces him that NFI in is league with Pisces and are setting up major attack.

September Kenny Robson contacts Balfour

13 September Elizabeth Jenks referred to Transformation

October 07 Robson infiltrates SANE

October G Cell enter UK

November 07 Robson contacts Lobster TV

November 07 G Cell make contact with Balfour – he tells them about the Construct

14 November Emily Jennings is referred by her GP

22 September Jenks killled

23 November 07 Body of Elizabeth Jenks found in Brichester

28 November Emily Jennings begins therapy at Transformation

30 November 07 Cormed plant begins production

16 December 07 G Cell is attacked at the US embassy – Agent Gene escapes

18 December Chambers referred to Transformation

20 December Felder attempts first grave robbing in Brichester

27 December High Wymombe chiropractor takes first victim

4 January Kenny Robson and three others raid the Cormed nuclear facility – he is captured and taken to Rittingham

5 January Cormed realise zombie problem and impose strict security – Cormed is not told about problem

7 January Tube killer escapes from NFI prison

8 January Italiian tourist goes missing on tube

10 January Collette Chambers begins therapy

12 January High Wycombe chiropractor takes second victim

15 January Tube killer takes another victim

17 January Habdul is kidnapped by NFI-backed thugs

17 January High Wycombe chiropractor takes third victims

Cormed Enterprises says it begins production

18 January Kenny Robson escapes and is shot dead by Pisces – he encounters Haifa and Joe. They meet Toby Knight and go to High Wycombe. They are attacked during the night but arrest the boy and recover the items. Angel Harris is killed by Pisces operatives

19 January they are contacted by Agent Gene. They visit Habdul in hospital. They encounter the Hammonds. They meet Mr Cotton at the Dark Tower

20 January Haifa dreams of the black spire. They visit Wu. Joe andx Haifa meet Agent Gene in Soho.

20 January Antartica expedition opens at British Museum

20 January Denglers killed in helicopter crash

21 January Toby goes missing. Joe talks to Balfour. They recover safety desosit items and visit Toby’s home. They also visit Sunny Day, the printers and stay at British Museum

22 January Joe inspects expedition. Haifa talks to Wu and meets Eleanor Myles. Joe attends NFI seminar. They explore tube

23 January The pair drive to Sevenford

24 January Pair foil cultists

26 January measles outbreak kills six children in Stanton Magna

27 January Abigail Wright calls Artlife

29 January Bodies recovered of Professor Kevin Drum, and students Bob Stokes and Cary Longhurst in Severnford

30 January Abigail Wright moves into Clerkenwell house

17 February Jarrett called in to work out what is wrong with knight – he sees Haifa and joe

21 February Jarrett first contacts Lobster TV – fearful That pisces have murdered Drum – he tells them that severnford poisoning was dodgy – he tells them about Haifa.

25 February Clerkenwell residents purchase freehold

27 February Haifa’s father calls Haifa

1 March Body of Collette Chambers found in Brichester

1 March Abigail Wright disappearsinto the Nightfloors

2 March Carbomb kills Pisces agents PO Colin Codridge and behavioural analyst Sandra Lewis

3 March Pair discover latest grave robbing. Felder raises his mother and kills Alan webb

4 March Philip Glaive attacked and dies

5 March arson attack at William Bobbitt

5 March car bomb attack on Severn Transport employee

6 March Head mailed to Lobster TV from Cormed facility

5 March Richard Hyder emails cousin

7 march Wade Colwrn returns to Stanton Magna

8 march Haifa at wu

8 March Cousin enters Macallister building

9 March Joe and Gene escape from Cormed

timeline for players

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